Welcome to my blog!!!

I just want to take a few seconds to introduce myself. My name is Robert and I am born, raised, and live in NYC.  I love all things NYC.  I currently work as a school teacher, but worked as an actor, a pastry chef, a wedding cake designer, a caterer, and confectionery artist.  I am a firm believer in knowing every ingredient that I put into my body, and do NOT believe in frozen/processed food whenever possible. A self-professed INGREDIENT WHORE,  I truly will travel ungodly distances to find great ingredients to make my food the best it can be.  I am known to use a $20 bottle of olive oil in a single recipe of focaccia!!!  I live in NYC with my partner Bryan, and our dog, Mochi, in what we like to call THE BEAR CAVE.

As a chef, I received my degree in Hospitality Management from NYC Technical College.  From there, I studied with some of the greatest bakers/confectioners in the world.  I studied sugar work with EWALD AND SUSAN NOTTER, chocolate and petit fours with PASCAL JANVIER at the COCOA BARRY SCHOOL, and studied gum paste with legendary cake decorator BETTY VAN NOSTRAND.  I started teaching cake decorating for the WILTON company when I was 17, and taught over 1000 students for them during my time as a certified WILTON teacher.  I have been featured on NY1, in the STATEN ISLAND ADVANCE, at ICES (International Confectionery Exploration Society) conventions, the NYC FOOD SHOW, and at the SNUG HARBOR CULTURAL CENTER.

This blog is a food and lifestyle blog, and I hope you have fun and try out my recipes.  ALL RECIPES HAVE BEEN TESTED. All photos have been taken using an iPhone 4s.

Come with me on an amazing journey …x