There are few things that are more important to BEARS than BACON.  If this is true, then we may have found THE HOLY GRAIL.  We first experienced bacon jam at a burger restaurant in Provincetown during our first BEAR WEEK together.  On vacation, I never make a habit of visiting a restaurant twice, but, after experiencing my first taste of bacon jam on my burger, I asked Bryan if I could go back on our last night in PTOWN for another dose of this AMAZING invention. My version is not exact, but is pretty damn amazing.

Do not thank me.  Make it, taste it, and leave me in your will…x

Bacon Jam

Makes just over one pint

1 1/2 lbs of bacon (thick cut is better)

2 medium red onions, cut fine (I ONLY use red onions)

8 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 C dark brown sugar

1/2 C apple cider vinegar

1/4 C real maple syrup

3/4 C espresso coffee (yes, I’m serious)


Cut the bacon into small pieces.  Don’t go crazy, you are gonna grind this all up later in the food processor.  Cook on LOW until the bacon begins to brown, but not too dark.  This will probably take about 15 minutes or so.  Drain the bacon and set aside on a plate lined with paper towels.  Keep a few tablespoons of bacon drippings in the pan, and SAVE THE REST OF THE BACON FAT!!! (Use it to cook eggs, saute potatoes, or to make sauces)

Saute the onions and garlic in the bacon fat until they are translucent.  Remember, they are going to cook a LONG time in the crock pot.

Add in dark brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and espresso, and bring to a boil, scraping all of the brown bits left in the pan from the bacon.  Add the bacon back, stir, and place into a crock pot.

Cook in the crock pot UNCOVERED for about 7 hours on high.  The mixture should appear syrupy. Keep checking it after 5 hours.  I always cook mine about 6-7 hours, but closer to 7 hours.

Place the mixture from the crock pot into the food processor, and pulse until the desired consistency.  DO NOT OVER PULSE!!! You don’t have to do this step if you want a really chunky jam.  I think a good idea is to pulse half, and keep half chunky.  If you are using it as a burger topping, I like it finer.

Place in the fridge in a covered container for up to two weeks, but I promise it won’t last that long.

I have to admit, I eat it with a spoon…it’s AMAZING…x